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remember more with spaced repetition.

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Anything - a book review, your favorite song lyrics, or a summary of a Wikipedia article.


Use tags to organize your notes and connect notes using links.

Create flashcards

Create atomic flashcards from your notes.


Periodically review your notes and flashcards.


Flashcards with spaced repetition

Easily create atomic flashcards from your notes and review them according to an optimized schedule (increasing intervals spaced repetition).

Create notes using markdown

Markdown is a simple and verbose formatting language.

Easily find what you need with full-text search

Full-text search allows for instant access of any note in your knowledge library.


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Organize with tags

Tags allow to organize notes into topics. A tag can be just any word starting with # within the body of a note (just like Twitter).

Create flashcards with AI

Use AI to quickly generate flashcards from your notes.

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